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Maxibit South Africa Dominates Marketing Show

Africa's premier annual marketing showcase, Markex, was recently held in Johannesburg, South Africa. This year's show was attended by nearly 10,000 influential business decision makers from throughout the continent.

Maxibit South Africa used the show to launch several new and innovative products and services as well as to re-enforce its brand postition as the fastest growing portable solution brand on the continent.

Occupying 120 sqm of prime position, Maxibit South Africa literally towered over its nearest competitors. Large monochromatic aluminium structures were used for presence and the entire stand was branded with Maxibit's world-wide theme of "Explore Environments Through Imagery".

A first for South Africa, Maxibit decided to put its money where its mouth is and incorporated an activity stage, the "Exploratorium". Over the 3 days duration of the exhibition, Creative Director Andrew Ross and a host of famous South African Television Personalities entertained the show visitor with humorous and informative product demonstrations of the different Maxibit Products.

These included "Pop-Up Olympics" where visitors were encouraged to participate in the record times set for placing all 6 panels on 4x3 Network ( all perfectly aligned... Andrew still holds the record at 51 seconds) and "Roll-Up Wars" in which visitors had to guess the amount of time would take to erect a 118cm Zap with all accessories including a light.

Maxibit South Africa's goals of establishing new client contacts as well as informing existing clients of new products and services (such as on-line real time portable stock management) was well received and the organisers agreed as the Silver Award for the Best Large Stand was awarded to the Maxibit South Africa Team.

Dianne Muller, Managing Director of Maxibit South Africa concludes, "Three years ago, Maxibit was unheard of on the African continent, today opposition companies with track records three times longer than ours are still stuck in the past, wondering what has changed and why they are losing market share.

We will continue in our quest to become one of Africa's leading portable solutions suppliers and will constantly strive to deliver excellent value to the growing number of Southern African companies joining the Maxibit family."

As for Marketing exhibition 2004? Maxibit South Africa has already booked its space...and yes...it is going to be even bigger !

Andrew Ross, June 24, 2003

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