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Satellite. Freestanding Pillar and Portable Architecture.

Satellite is yet another example of Maxibit's leading-edge product development and unique collaboration with major customers. Satellite offers completely new openings for stand design. Pillars to display your message. Portable architecture.

Satellite is a module in a stand, an advertising pillar, a double-sided freestanding column, a display desk. It is available in heights between 75cm and 375 cm. Like all Maxibit products, the standard height is 225 cm. Satellite can be built to give structures that were previously out of the question. Combine several Satellites of different heights or fully integrate them with, for example, Network, gives a free rein to your imagination.

Thanks to the profiles, you can also easily combine Satellite with the other Maxibit systems. This gives you new opportunties at trade fairs, seminars, conferences, customer meetings, in shops. Satellite is so light and portable that you can always take it along with you.

It also has such an elegant and impressive shape and design that it will blend into an attractive interior decoration. A column. Thanks to its round shape, Satellite provides the largest possible permanent space for your message without taking up so much room.

Simplicity and quality are the hallmarks of Satellite and all other Maxibit products. No preparations necessary. No tools required.

Satellite weights only 10 kg including graphics and bag. It is available in four different heights

Our unique warranty agreement covers all our products. As our customer you always have access to out global service and support.


Specifications: Maxibit Satellite

Construction Round pop-up design in sections. Light allow. No tools required.
Carrying bag for satellite and graphics included.
Graphics Laminated paper, matt or glossy
Size of Picture 2 panels size 88 x 223.5 cm
Width 56 cm diameter
Height 75cm, 150cm, 225cm, and 375 cm
Weight 10 kg incl. Satellite, graphics, lighting and bag.


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